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The Ruins Series

Produced by Steph Be

Ruins' is an interdisciplinary project displayed through live-performance, film & photography. This work is a testimony of the generational trauma inherited by men from marginalised groups with the mission of creating a space where the black male figure is more visible & honestly represented in its full complexity. Through movement and visual art, we want to open a dialogue surrounding the myth of masculinity as it is felt within the Pan-African diaspora. We are deconstructing the power struggle within ourselves and finding the balance between conflict, vulnerability, and codependency. Allowing us to own and repair our deeper anxieties that we have learned so well to mask. 

Live Performance 

Duration: 40 minutes 

Sound Design: Sam Nunez    

Costume Design: Kirubel Belay   

Lighting Designer: Adrienne Ming  

Sam Nunez    

Photography Exhibition

Image credit - Amelia Lancaster.jpg
Image by Amelia Lancaster .jpg

Photographer:  Amelia Lancaster 

Film & Sound Installation


Duration: 6 minutes 

Photo Credit:  Alessandro Castellani 

Sound Design: James Wilkie

Visual Artist: Michael Speechley

 Co-director: Donnie Sunshine

D.O.P: Sannchia Gaston

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