Through our unconscious experiences in dreaming we are all taken on a journey every night,

sometimes blissful, sometimes turbulent and sometimes a combination of multiple emotions

and experiences. As real as dreams can feel they also present experiences that are beyond

comprehension and exist in a surreal space.


We want to use the notion of dreams as a gateway to reflect the spirit of the locals. This

collaboration of music and dance will take its audience on a unravelling journey of challenge

and triumph through a series of experiences contextualised within a dream world. We want to

demonstrate that through turbulent times there is a strength within the community as they

persevere through the darker moments of the night to always flourish in the morning sun,

taking every day as an opportunity for change and growth.

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Dancer: Arran Green

Live music: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra   

Rehearsal director: Robia Milliner  

Choreography: FUBUNATION