Logo design brief 

Your contact details have been recieved, please find the project brief below.




Things to consider when designing:


  • Representation of a collective effort. Emphasis on the ‘Nation’ element which is a core foundation and ethos of the company. 


  • Visually, we want to ideally incorporate some kind of African symbol that can be reworked as FUBUNATION are invested in keeping the diaspora as a key element of what we represent. Think afrofuturism, taking something old and traditional and manifesting it into something that is current yet nods to the richness of african culture.


  • If the company name is used as a part of the logo it must be done so in the font ‘Oswald medium’ (in bold). With that being said it is not a mandatory requirement for the text to exist within the logo. However the logo must be able to stand alongside the ‘FUBUNATION’ font so that when put next to each other they are able to coexist and compliment one another. The logo must be bold and strong enough that it can stand alone.


  • Although FUBUNATION mainly works with dance and movement as a foundation, the company is more of an Art House collective working across a number of different disciplines and art forms. With this in mind it is important that the logo is non dance specific.  


  • No colour to be incorporated into the logo. Keep it simple and have a block black version accompanied with a block white version. 





  1. Proposals submitted can be a ‘work in progress’ and do not need to be a finished product. Just ensure you communicate your ideas effectively as there will be a development phase once the successful candidate is selected. Please be sure to include along with your proposed idea, a short written description of the inspiration behind your design. Please submit proposals to contact@fubunation.org by 23rd Oct 6pm GMT Time. 


  1. Once our team reviews all designs and makes a selection, you will be informed of the outcome by October 30th 2020. 


  1. The chosen design will enter a second phase of development. The company will feed back notes and adjustments to be made before approving the finished product. Once these stages have been met to a satisfactory level, the £500 fee will then be released and paid to the appropriate recipient upon completion.